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What is Database Management?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Your Database (Client List) is your most valuable business asset. DonPaul Enterprises has partnered with (GR) GetResponse, an CRM (Client Relationship Management) system. This relationship allow us to provide our Clients unique services to market and promote their business.

We invented Database Fitness to help keep your Client List Healthy and Strong. We apply the same strategy as Physical Fitness; taking various tools, technologies and techniques to reach desired goals. Each strategy created for your unique business, includes a stack of technologies to help you reach your business objectives. Helping your business grow is how we help small businesses stay online, on target and on budget!

GR has a tremendous support system, however DonPaul understands how overwhelming a new system can be for a business owner who is already extremely busy. We add and extra "layer" of support for each Client. Individually, to provide them with a level of knowledge and comfort compared to no other marketing service provider.

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