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What is Business Email Service?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Business email service simply means that your business will have an email account that reflects your business Web URL (address). For example, if your business Web address is ”” Then an example of your business email address would be , or

Business Email Accounts, in most cases are provided by the Hosting Company of your Web Domain, however, you can also purchase your business email account from a separate provider.

There is typically a fee with this service for one email box and additional email accounts can cost an additional fee.

New Clients with DPE are provided a full year of up to five (email accounts) for no additional fee.

While you can use “Free” Gmail, Yahoo or other accounts, the truth is that you have no ownership of them.It’s important to have a business email account, to encourage provides trust, credibility and confidence in your business connections.

Additionally, many professional email marketing systems do not recommend using “free” email services, and will issue a DMARC WARNING - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance is an email authentication protocol to help protect a domain from spoofing. It allows the domain owner to specify deliverability policies and receive reports on messages sent “from” this domain that fail authentication.

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